THERE IS NO AUDIO IN THIS ANIMATION This is my project I have been working on my entire school year and it’s finally done. I decided to create an animation in black and white. It’s about how I interpreted this year’s theme involving “LIGHT” in my animation. So my interpretation of Light is when people make choices. It can either help them or break them and this is shown by two characters : an angel and a devil. The angel who’s feeling good and has made good choices has no problem with going his way. On the other end you have the devil who has made bad choices and now fell more into the dark side. By making bad choices people will feel a big pressure on their shoulders and feel they can’t escape or go back to the good side. So that is why there’s a third character that comes into play when it comes to making a choice. The conscience, the voice in our head, that helps us with making those choices. Some of them can be good or bad (that is why he’s a half angel and half devil), but it’s up to you if you’ll listen or not. In the end, the moral of my animation is: for the people on the dark side: please don’t give up. There’s always a way to get back on your feet and it’s not a bad thing to accept help from people who care for you. For the people on the light side: please help your friends/loved ones or whoever you care for. If you see they’re having a hard time, don’t be afraid to give them a little push to get them back on the right track. Here’s the animation video:
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