.:CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE MY COMMISSION LIST OF 2019:. Commission: Open Please take a look below to see my prices and for frequently requested artwork types. If you would like something different from the options you see below, email me to get a quote. FAQ: What is a commission? A commission is asking me to draw a picture for you and in return you pay me for that service. How do I contact you? Contact me by email or go to contact. What do I put in the email for asking a commission? You must fill out “the order form”. (click the order button) How do I pay for my commission My preferred method of payment is Paypal. (with invoices) But I also accept Stripe. Do you take requests? I do not take requests. How many commission can you draw? I can only accept a certain number of commissions at a time in order to maintain a schedule. If I can't fit you in now, try again in a week or two. Do you draw “... “ ? I retain the right to reject a commission inquiry. I do draw different character from different shows and your own character. (example: Pokémon, Sonic, My Little Pony, etc) I also draw mature drawings. By that I mean naked/nudity and violence and gore for art. Do I receive the original image file? You receive the copyright to the image, but I maintain the right to use the artwork in my portfolio.
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