.:Katherine tivona:.

I made this picture for an update for Killer and clearly there are some people who don't fully know Killer well enough or scan to much over her information. So here you go, updated and nicely drawn out. I hope this will be clear enough for you people who apparently can't read.




Backstory: Kathy's Story- Eyes of Truth (Here you can read it / idk if I will update it or not ^^; )(Or you can read the comic, it is still slowly starting)

Name: Katherine Tivona (Kathy for short) (Tivona means lover of Nature)

Age: 18

Eyes color: Grey (Because she is blind)

Species: Echidna

Weapon: Staff

Job: Baker (She has her own little Bakery ;p) and guardian of Echidnoplies (Will be explained in comic)

Family: Leonidas/Leo (Father), Elisabeth/Elisa (Mother), Keei (Younger brother), Knuckles (Husband), Kiara (Daughter) and Khalon (Son)

Likes: Candy, nature, stalking/startling her friends, fruit, cute creatures (The creatures she take care of), parkour (Climbing trees and more), cooking, desserts, adventure and teasing Knuckles

Dislikes: +- Killer Keket (Dark side, yes a dark side deal with it), depression, anxiety, spiders, people who are going to hurt her friends (Obviously), corpses and darkness (when she doesn't use or her powers are blocked she is completely blind again so she is basically back to the darkness)

Personality: Shy, polite/respectful towards everyone, hot headed, friendly, always there to help others, selfless, HYPER (Sugar high X,3) and fast distracted

Love: Knuckles the echidna

Abilities: Energy / Chaos based energy (She can do basically a lot, teleportation, use her power to see like Toph (from Avatar The Last Airbender) and many more. AND NO she isn't over powered, because she can't do all of it in a jiffy. The bigger of energy casting she does, the bigger the energy it cost. She can even just black out in middle of the fight if she uses to much)

Other forms: Angelic form (This will be rare, because the consequences of using is life risking)

Theme song: This girl from Nikki Flores

Theme song for Killer and Kathy: Awake and Alive from Skillet


Clear enough for you, I hope so ^w^



Artwork / Kathy © Lisa Vanwelden

© Queen of hearts creations